What I Learned On My Run Today

I Was Runnn'!

Injured.  √ Jonesing for a run. √ Temps drop unexpectedly to 66° on an August morning…IN TEXAS…twists my brain into a knot of RUNRUNRUNRUN. √ All of the above. √ The #1 thang I learned on my run today: People of the Internets, some things, some running things, are too powerful to resist.  Today’s almost […]

What Did I Ever Do To You?

What Did I Ever Do To You?

Yep, still injured.  Running is happening, but the injury is evaluated on a daily basis and the decision to run is made the morning of a run.  Not fun, but doable. As I was cleaning out my writing, I came across this post that somehow didn’t get published.  I read it and the day came […]

Rock Tape vs K-Tape: Round Two

Rock Tape vs K-Tape

Last year, in September, I did my first review on Rock Tape vs K-Tape. So many pics of me in Rock Tape (Airrosti did this tape job for me). What is this tape I speak of? Rock Tape’s site says this:  RockTape is a special kind of tape known as kinesiology tape. First used by […]

I Gots a Bucket

Ice Your Feet After Running

Injury Update: I ran 6 miles last week. WOOT!  My foot is responding to the extreme lacrosse ball rolling (you can catch that video HERE), albeit slowly.  I’ll take slowly, as long as progress is made. This week I upped my mileage for a 2.5 mile run.  SO LONG!  ~snort~ My body is willing in […]

Airrosti, Lacrosse Ball and a Video…Oh My!


I RAN TODAY!! I RAN TODAY!!  I RAN TODAY!! Oh hai, I RAN TODAY!! Eight months into my lingering foot injury, I ran 2 miles today with little pain or side-effects.  Could it be that I’m on the road to recovery? What changed? I had a discussion with an Airrosti doc and he offered his […]