10 is the Loveliest Number


I ran!  I ran 10 tenths!  I ran 10 tenths, or what runners typically call: A MILE!  Just not all at once. So. Happy. As of this moment, hours after the run (and adding the mowing of two lawns), the foot be holding! So, I made a silly video: Confession: It’s been so freakin’ long […]

3ish Tenths, the TrashDudes and an Insensitive Joke

Race Ya!

3ish Tenths: I RAN YESTERDAY! It was a mere 3ish tenths (maybe closer to four tenths), it was interspersed within my 2.8 mile walk (I was so excited I ran part of it, I forgot to catch those last two tenths) and it was glorious.  No crying; just runnin’. As is my pre-determined plan for […]

Try Try Again

RockTape for Injuries

Since last winter, I have been plotting my first run back, but in my head it sounds more like: MY FIRST RUN BACK! For some reason, March stood out to me as the month I’d get started.  So I waited.  March 2nd marched right up to my door, rang the bell and waited for me […]

My New Pain Plan

Fun run

GAAAAA!  The injury lives and it’s making me one cranky old lady, y’all. Recap: #1: In the summer of ’13, while out on a run, I noticed a growing pain in my foot.  A stabby mofo pain.  It hurt so bad that it caused me to actually stop midrun and walk home.  If you’ve been […]

Know a Runner?

Endurance Car Mat for Runners 13.1

You know a runner.  You need to buy a gift for a runner.  You know nothing about running. Baby, I got you covered. ~ A gentle reminder: I use Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page, you support the blog at no cost to yourself. It’s much […]