CoolMax HeadSweats

Cool Max HeadSweats

This. (source: Amazon) Momma’s sporting a baldie head and needs some protection when she runs. How bald?  This bald (pic taken after a kickass 3-run, after suffering through a week of chemo side-effects): Boy asked if I was using my middle finger here.  I wasn’t, but only because I didn’t think of it!  #fubc I […]

I Was Runnin’!

I was runnin'!

Yep, runnin’! Man, let me tell y’all that getting back to running is a simple and complicated joy. It’s not just about the physical act.  Nope.  It’s also about what running, exhausting my body, does for my soul, for my well-being, for my calm. This morning (Wednesday…run day!), I forgot that it was run day.  […]

First Run Post Chemo


I DID IT! I ran three days after my first chemo treatment. Wasn’t pretty, but it was an enormous victory for my spirit. Then, I made a cry-baby video about it. GET THE LIGHTS! I was so happy that I got dressed and out the door.  ALL THE CRIES! The morning was cool, the winds […]

Before We Begin…

I was runnin' with a medi-port

Before we begin this journey of fighting back breast cancer and returning to full health, I want to take a minute and assure you of some thangs.  But first, today.  Mah babies, today was glorious! Why?  I ran, that’s why.  Not only was the morning sweet perfection in terms of weather, but in terms of […]

10 is the Loveliest Number


I ran!  I ran 10 tenths!  I ran 10 tenths, or what runners typically call: A MILE!  Just not all at once. So. Happy. As of this moment, hours after the run (and adding the mowing of two lawns), the foot be holding! So, I made a silly video: Confession: It’s been so freakin’ long […]