Eternal Machinations of the Pain-Fueled Sleep-Deprived Mind

Barefoot Runnin'

When my back decides to be one spastic pain in my, well, back, it allows me the luxury of time to think.  See?  Lemons into lemonade! Yum, lemonade. My first planned run in six months + an unexpected tweaked back = time to root around the Internets and watch running videos while I heal. YAY!  […]

The Universe is Having Its Fun With Me

Facebook Screenshot

Today was the day.  The sun would be out.  The breeze would be warm.  My zippy running shorts would be taken out of storage. I couldn’t wait to have my first trial run since October to see if my foot was ready to get back into the swing of thangs. The Universe had other plans. […]

San Antonio Run or Dye GIVEAWAY!

Run or Dye San Antonio

Run or Dye, San Antonio! (source:Run or Dye) I haven’t even told you what this race is about and it already sounds and looks like fun, right?!  Of course it does! From the Run or Dye page: Run or Dye, the world’s most colorful 5K, is headed to Blue Bonnet Palace on May 3, 2014!  Bring […]


Am. I. Runnin’? Nah.  Not yet. ~shaking old man fist~ I think I’m getting closer.  Some days I think: Go run!  Other days I think: When will I get to go run?! Still a saddy sad sack. Click HERE for the EN latest.  Looks like some fun runs in and around San Antonio. If you […]

Shocking Giveaway


First of all, I got a new toy.  A fancy-pants camera, doncha know. Spring be comin’, y’all: Spring means running in weather that doesn’t freeze our nuts off.  Yes, dem ladies have ‘em too. Secondly, if you are running in the freezing temps, I know your muscles could all use some pain relief.  As it […]