My New Pain Plan

Fun run

GAAAAA!  The injury lives and it’s making me one cranky old lady, y’all. Recap: #1: In the summer of ’13, while out on a run, I noticed a growing pain in my foot.  A stabby mofo pain.  It hurt so bad that it caused me to actually stop midrun and walk home.  If you’ve been […]

Know a Runner?

Endurance Car Mat for Runners 13.1

You know a runner.  You need to buy a gift for a runner.  You know nothing about running. Baby, I got you covered. ~ A gentle reminder: I use Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page, you support the blog at no cost to yourself. It’s much […]

My Short List of Must Have Running Gear

Running Gear

I am an extremely low-tech kinda gal when it comes to my running gear.  It’s why I call myself a running hobo.  Most times my clothes don’t match and you won’t see me carrying much other than a disposable water bottle shoved into my sports bra. RUNNIN’ HOBO! My Short List of Must Have Running […]

What I Learned On My Run Today

I Was Runnn'!

Injured.  √ Jonesing for a run. √ Temps drop unexpectedly to 66° on an August morning…IN TEXAS…twists my brain into a knot of RUNRUNRUNRUN. √ All of the above. √ The #1 thang I learned on my run today: People of the Internets, some things, some running things, are too powerful to resist.  Today’s almost […]

What Did I Ever Do To You?

What Did I Ever Do To You?

Yep, still injured.  Running is happening, but the injury is evaluated on a daily basis and the decision to run is made the morning of a run.  Not fun, but doable. As I was cleaning out my writing, I came across this post that somehow didn’t get published.  I read it and the day came […]