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Fun run

Soooo, this happened yesterday: ~HIGH-FIVE~ I’m grateful to my core for the good health that remains in me, so that I might put on my shoes and run. As I was thinking about how far I’ve come in this journey, I watched this video of my thoughts while in the midst of chemo and it […]

Sloggers are My Running Heroes!

Slogging is the new jogging

Y’all!  Sloggers are my running heroes.  You know what a slogger is right?  Slow + Jogger = Slogger! (with much love and thanks to Wendy-Loo ♥) Sloggers are usually not satisfied with their pace. Others may make them feel less than a runner because of that pace. These are the runners with pure heart. They […]

The Hard Good of Running Through Chemo

The Hard Good of Running Through Chemo

I’m still running, but it’s a challenge. Many times, I have been told of my strength as witnessed or perceived by others as I fight cancer. Some days I don’t feel strong. Some days I am weak and exhausted and a puny creature to behold. Yet, all days I am hopeful that my suffering, my […]

Halfway Through Chemo and Still Running


Chemo. I hate thinking about it. I hate living through it. I hate that toxic drugs are still the answer to save lives. On the other side of all that hate, is my love for chemo. I love that it’s shrinking my tumor, meaning the drugs are working. I love that it’s allowing me to […]

CoolMax HeadSweats

Cool Max HeadSweats

This. (source: Amazon) Momma’s sporting a baldie head and needs some protection when she runs. How bald?  This bald (pic taken after a kickass 3-run, after suffering through a week of chemo side-effects): Boy asked if I was using my middle finger here.  I wasn’t, but only because I didn’t think of it!  #fubc I […]