2am Stalkers

Long Time Stalkers

I love me some Stalkers, y’all! I came to know M (I have no good nickname here) by way of Husband.  They were childhood friends and thankfully once we met, we grew to become friends too.  M is one of those friends you could call at 2am if you needed help.  2am friends are the […]

Springtime Stalkers

Weekend Dexter and Husband

You know the drill: If I’m around with my camera taking pics = you get featured on the site. Weekend Dexter and Husband: Spring is in the air, baby.  These two are embracing the warmer days with a roll in the grass. Life is good, indeedio!    Share on Tumblr

Ladies Who Lunch Stalker!


Occasionally a Stalker (that’s you!) asks to meet me for lunch.  Momma loves her some lunch, so I’m usually (usually) all in.  If you be a Stalker of ill-repute, I’ll probably have to turn you down and then inform you about the restraining order. STAY BACK, JACK! Miss J is one of my original Stalkers!, […]

Wedding Guest Stalkers

val's wedding

How is it that I’m this late posting this pic? Wedding Guest Stalkers! There’s Husband, Jay (from Running with Jay fame) and Mike (from Very First Stalker To Glue My Hand Together featured fame). This was a wedding that all of us had greatly anticipated.  We gathered to honor a dear friend, Val, on her […]

Way Back Stalkers!

Fun run

These two gals and I go waaaay back.  So far back, they remember who Cletus is and why I gave him the finger from the comfort of my own backyard.  They be my original Xangan Stalkers! They also happen to be a part of team Grand Mudders, for that dirty dirty mud run last weekend. […]