Trying to Turn a Loss

My life has been marked by large unexpected changes.  Some loved, some hated, all pushing me forward to the space I stand in today. Reflecting on the loss of my beloved Aunt Mimi puts me in the camp of hated change. To give up an earthly love is probably the toughest challenge we are called […]

The Loss of Greatness

Loss of Greatness

Last week, my adored Aunt Mimi passed from this world to the next.  She was 95-years-old and still had buckets of sass left in her, but was ready for the next leg of her journey.  She was tired.  Her mind and body ached with a longing to be free.  The family and friends she shared […]

Remembering 9-11: Never Forget

Remembering 9-11: Never Forget

Every year I leave a remembrance, a figurative stone on the headstone and a light in the dark, for that fateful September day in 2001. I offer THIS POST anew today.  It’s my small voice in the darkness as I desperately sought the light. Never Forget.    Share on Tumblr

Seriously, It’s Been How Long?!

Dia De Los Muertos

Y’all remember this cool drawing that Jay did for me in honor of my birthday?   (I was born on The Day of The Dead) It’s based on this photo: Pretty cool, right? Do you remember this? Yeah…..still haven’t done anything with it. Frame: check Drawing: check Crafting mad skilz: Not so much Will this […]

Opening Game

Summer's Ending

In honor of Texas A&M’s first game of the season, I give you Sweet E in his gear. I think he’s BTHO out of the summer more than anything!    Share on Tumblr