Happy Day!

I love you guys, there’s no denying it.  Some of you have been with me since my Express News days writing about running my first marathon.  Some of you have been with me before that (and remember I started by writing novels!)…whoa. You have stuck with my transition from the EN to this space to […]

Spring is Thisclose

Spring is Thisclose

I can smell it; I can see it.  Spring is thisclose, y’all. Apologies to my Northern friends for what follows ( a gleeful preview of what is to come, most likely within weeks…SPRING!). The cannas are starting to sprout. The lemon trees are producing baby lemons! The rose bush is budding. The plum tree is […]

One of Those Days

One of Those Days

Texans love their sun. Yep, it’s their star, not yours, cause you know, everything’s bigger… We also love your rain. Yep, it’s your rain, cause you know, dang it, I’ve got nothing witty here mostly because I just woke up and I’m simply shooting for writerly symmetry. GOSH! I’m sitting at my desk, looking out […]

Nature is Testing My Last Nerve

Nature is Getting on My Last Nerve

Squirrely Hunt Update with a Surprising Twist: For those following along on facebook: remember that time, recently, like a week or so back, when we thought we had a squirrel in the attic?  Turns out it wasn’t a squirrel after all. It was what a friend refers to as a “roof rat,” more commonly known […]

Deciding Which Shit Sandwich You’re Willing To Eat


Garry and I have a saying between us when it comes to making a tough decision: You gotta decide which shit sandwich you’re willing to eat. The meaning being that some decisions include not-so-palatable compromises that you have to decide between, and be willing to accept once the decision is made.  So much of what […]