Whoomp, Hair It Is

Haircut #1

My nature is to laugh at ALL THE THINGS.  By all the things, I mean at the stuff that’s naturally funny, of course, but also the ridiculousness of life and the stuff that makes us sad or scares us. It’s a trait that has carried me through this life with hope.  You can’t laugh at […]

The Irony is Not Lost on Me


My entire life has had an eye on health. That’s not an overstatement. Since I was a youngster, I had an interest in being strong and healthy. So many years of making decisions based on what was best for my body, giving myself the best chances for good health, only now to fill that same […]


I Was Runnin'

GROSS CONTENT WARNING! This post is a bit graphic, but I offer this info in the hopes that if someone is scared and wondering how awful a placement of a medi-port is (3 on a scale of 10) they might be encouraged. I had a medi-port placed into my chest last week and I’ll receive […]



I’ve come here, intending to write, too many times without actually writing a word.  I sometimes wonder if the emotion, if the detail, if the burden of my words are too much for any of us and then end up closing the blank page. Yet, here I am with words to be placed and read. […]

Happy Easter!

HAppy Days

From my grateful heart to your home, Happy Easter! I usually am not a selfie-takin’ kinda gal, but this pic, taken a few days after my diagnosis, gives you insight to my spirit (most days!). No matter where this fight ends, He will not be defeated, therefore I will not be defeated. May you be […]