Nature is Testing My Last Nerve

Nature is Getting on My Last Nerve

Squirrely Hunt Update with a Surprising Twist: For those following along on facebook: remember that time, recently, like a week or so back, when we thought we had a squirrel in the attic?  Turns out it wasn’t a squirrel after all. It was what a friend refers to as a “roof rat,” more commonly known […]

Deciding Which Shit Sandwich You’re Willing To Eat


Garry and I have a saying between us when it comes to making a tough decision: You gotta decide which shit sandwich you’re willing to eat. The meaning being that some decisions include not-so-palatable compromises that you have to decide between, and be willing to accept once the decision is made.  So much of what […]

I Am A Writer

I Am A Writer

You know how it goes.  When you’re young your life goals are fairly different than those you’ve decided on as a grown up.  Gone are your dreams of being a professional reader (I had no idea that there was actually such a thing, albeit differently named) and in its place is the dream of being […]

Happy New Year!

Christmas 2014

Yep, I missed telling y’all Merry Christmas.  I SUCK! Or…The Sickness took over our lives for three weeks.  Yep.  That last thing. Here’s an accurate depiction of how our holidays looked (all fuzzy and surreal, yet lovely): You know you guys are my first loves, right?  Some of you have been reading here for years […]

For Those Who Hurt

For life’s big ol’ can of whoop-ass, may this be a soothing balm: ♫ Love came down and rescued me…♫  Share on Tumblr