I’ve Missed Me

I've Missed Me

Man. I’ve missed me. ~snort~ To read that, hell, to write that, is funny and true. I’ve missed me. From the day of diagnosis until just recently, I haven’t been myself. I’ve been a Muted McGee version of myself. And it’s been f-in’ weird. Just ask Garry, he’ll lay that truth on ya. From a […]

The Road Back To Normal

Aggie Football

As I sit at my desk, writing this post, I’m drinking a Shiner Premium (what kind of Shiner is always important to other Shiner aficionados), listening to Lyle Lovett (The Road to Ensenada) and thinking about Aggie football.  It’s a shock I’m still in my chair and not two-steppin’ with myself! It’s appallingly normal and, […]

Oh, Hai! Good News Update!

You Have a Choice

Five days post surgery, I posted this on facebook: Surgeon just called: I have amazing news…you achieved PCR!!! ~him laughing while i’m bawling~ Best day since diagnosis! Essentially, this means I’m cancer-free AND the chance of recurrence is low and the odds for survival among the highest. As you can imagine, we are relieved, elated, […]

Summer Fun

Peach Cobbler

I’m guest posting over at She Rocks Fitness today! Katie asked if I would write about my breast cancer story and I was happy to participate. I know y’all don’t want to miss it; go read the fun here. I also want to leave you with a few delicious posts I have written over there. […]

Looking Forward

Giant Chicken!

So much of the last five months have revolved around my diagnosis and treatment, and while I still have the second and third phases in front of me, I’m beginning to feel like my old self again. So. Much. HUZZAH! I can’t put to words what this means, not only to me, but to those […]