Rushing It

With each day that I feel more like myself, I find that I’m rushing it. You know, life. I’m rushing life. I run right up to the breathing pulsating moments willing myself well, wishing myself a post-cancer healthy reality. I’m gobbling up the days and trying to find the new part of myself in the […]

Much to Tell; Nothing to Tell

One Tough Muther

In the continuing saga of Patti-HAD-breast-cancer, there’s much to tell and nothing to tell. The nothing: Routine has returned to our lives and things are rolling along, treatment-wise. Life is good. The much: * A reader sent me this shirt. I wore it out and as folks commented on it, I felt the need to […]

Felled by the Common Cold and HAIR!


A cold. The common cold. I swear, it almost done me in, mah babies. There I was, mindin’ my own beeswax, coming back strong post-chemo, pre-radiation, when I noticed a slight sore throat that soon blossomed into a monster of a cold. How big was this monster? So big that there wasn’t just one near […]

I’ve Missed Me

I've Missed Me

Man. I’ve missed me. ~snort~ To read that, hell, to write that, is funny and true. I’ve missed me. From the day of diagnosis until just recently, I haven’t been myself. I’ve been a Muted McGee version of myself. And it’s been f-in’ weird. Just ask Garry, he’ll lay that truth on ya. From a […]

The Road Back To Normal

Aggie Football

As I sit at my desk, writing this post, I’m drinking a Shiner Premium (what kind of Shiner is always important to other Shiner aficionados), listening to Lyle Lovett (The Road to Ensenada) and thinking about Aggie football.  It’s a shock I’m still in my chair and not two-steppin’ with myself! It’s appallingly normal and, […]