Encouragement in the Shit Storm

Encouragement in the Storm

Cancer is a bitch and that is the mildest language I can muster at the moment to describe this shit storm. Yet, I am also the recipient of a vast orchard of tender fruit that I might not otherwise have known had it not been for the over-replication of killer cells within. I am frequently […]

Faith In All Things Big And Small

X Marks The Spot

When I first started writing as an author, meaning I had an agent advise me on things to do and things not to do that might rattle a few cages, I was told to avoid politics and religion. People hate that. Don’t even think about it. Cross it off your to-write-about list. I got around […]

The Good I Have

The Good I Have

Life before breast cancer and life after breast cancer. Cancer cancer cancer! Gosh! I’m sick of talking about it. I’m sick of thinking about it. Sick sick sick. Gosh! When I am tired or nauseated or feeling anxious about the clinging what-if ghosts, I draw close to God. He is my all, my refuge, my […]

The Haircut to End All Haircuts


The haircut fun and Garry’s newfound mad skilz have come to an end. We knew it was coming, we just didn’t count on it happening this fast. Garry gave me that shortie, flirty, fighty haircut and I was hoping to enjoy it for a week or so, but my follicles had other plans. The very […]