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Manhattan Cheesecake

Demonizing Food

People.  Can we stop demonizing food?  Can we just stop it? My facebook feed is full of folks accusing and pointing fingers and giving virtual AH-HA!s over food choices.  I’m as sick of it as I can be. Here are the actual facts, Jack: * We’re born. * We die. That’s it.  Well, it’s not […]

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Deciding Which Shit Sandwich You’re Willing To Eat

Garry and I have a saying between us when it comes to making a tough decision: You gotta decide which shit sandwich you’re willing to eat. The meaning being that some decisions include not-so-palatable compromises that you have to decide between, and be willing to accept once the decision is made.  So much of what […]

I Am A Writer

You know how it goes.  When you’re young your life goals are fairly different than those you’ve decided on as a grown up.  Gone are your dreams of being a professional reader (I had no idea that there was actually such a thing, albeit differently named) and in its place is the dream of being […]

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Runny McRunnerson

Fun run

My New Pain Plan

GAAAAA!  The injury lives and it’s making me one cranky old lady, y’all. Recap: #1: In the summer of ’13, while out on a run, I noticed a growing pain in my foot.  A stabby mofo pain.  It hurt so bad that it caused me to actually stop midrun and walk home.  If you’ve been […]

Endurance Car Mat for Runners 13.1

Know a Runner?

You know a runner.  You need to buy a gift for a runner.  You know nothing about running. Baby, I got you covered. ~ A gentle reminder: I use Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page, you support the blog at no cost to yourself. It’s much […]

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Long Time Stalkers

2am Stalkers

I love me some Stalkers, y’all! I came to know M (I have no good nickname here) by way of Husband.  They were childhood friends and thankfully once we met, we grew to become friends too.  M is one of those friends you could call at 2am if you needed help.  2am friends are the […]

Weekend Dexter and Husband

Springtime Stalkers

You know the drill: If I’m around with my camera taking pics = you get featured on the site. Weekend Dexter and Husband: Spring is in the air, baby.  These two are embracing the warmer days with a roll in the grass. Life is good, indeedio!    Share on Tumblr


Ladies Who Lunch Stalker!

Occasionally a Stalker (that’s you!) asks to meet me for lunch.  Momma loves her some lunch, so I’m usually (usually) all in.  If you be a Stalker of ill-repute, I’ll probably have to turn you down and then inform you about the restraining order. STAY BACK, JACK! Miss J is one of my original Stalkers!, […]

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