Yes, I Dressed Myself

My compression socks drama continues.

#1: They make my calves all sweaty.

#2: Someone should film me putting them on.  Wrestle Mania, Baby!

#3: Until today I wasn’t really sure they worked as they were touted, but they do.  The video below explains.

#4: The fact that one sock is designated L and the other R had escaped me until yesterday:

Compression Socks

Did you catch it?  Look closer:

Compression Socks

That’s right, they’re on the wrong feet and I didn’t have the energy to take them off and re-wrestle them back into place.  So I ran as is.

Here’s my Ridiculous Video of the Week:

Just watching that video reminds me how tired I am.  I don’t know how I made it yesterday.  Sheesh.

Alrighty, runners.  Those of you who wear compression socks, spill it.  L and R?! If so, do you adhere to the directions? Or are you a rebel (accidental or not) like me?

Tell us!

Links to compression socks: HERE and HERE

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