Tip Tuesday

Helpful tips make the world go around.  Well, if you want to get technical, the world turns because there is nothing to stop it from turning.  Uh-huh, scientists say so.


But, given the right helpful tip, our own little world continues to turn smoothly.

Got a great tip?!  I know you do.  My readers are the brightest, most creative and gosh darn good looking around, ergo you gots tips!  Do what your momma taught you: share!

I’ll start.

Patti’s Tip: Eventually, one who obviously bogarts (to hog something which is supposed to be shared), will soon be the bogarted.  Try to hone this skill so that it appears you are actually sharing. 

One of my initial “sharing” bogarts:

After Husband graduated, Patti bogarted Husband’s hand-finished old-school desk that was a gift from his father-in-law when he went back to college.  When Husband protested that he wanted to keep the desk in a common space instead of Patti’s office, because after-all it was a gift that he was willing to share, Patti agreed, saying she could just keep all their private financial matters, their bills, and their medical records out in the common area and try to remember to put things away everyday, which might cut into her mothering duties or making his favorite dinner duties.  Husband relented.

Important Note: I did not marry a stupid man; he’s always been on to me.  We have been married for almost 29 years, and he lets me bogart whatever makes me happy.  But, in a new turn of events, Husband has finally decided to join my bogarting game.  He started by eating a VERY LARGE share of the chocolate almonds Santa gave me, and then last night, he openly took the cool neon clock that we collectively adore and put it in his office.  When I accused him of bogarting the clock, saying that we should put it in the kitchen (common area comes back to bite me in the badunkadunk) where we could both enjoy it, he said, “I learned from the master.”

Well played, Husband.  Well played. (in all fairness to this sweet man, he did offer to put it in the kitchen, but me thinks he was playing bogart chicken with me)

Dear readers, learn from my tip.  If you are going to enter the dangerous bogarting game, hone that skill so it looks like sharing.


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