The Sluttiest of Brownies

Who doesn’t love brownies?  Someone you should keep an eye on, that’s who.

My love of all things Slutty Brownies is well-documented:

What hasn’t been so well-documented is my obsession with just the brownie part of the recipe.  These brownies aren’t as sweet as a typical brownie, mostly in part because when you combine the chocolate chip cookie and the Oreo cookie portion, you end up with a high sugar content that wouldn’t be served by a super-sweet brownie.

These brownies offer a deep chocolate punch with an almost dark chocolate bitterness in every soul-sighing bite.

I doubled the recipe and increased the cooking time to about 40-45 minutes.  I like my brownies a bit under-cooked so they have a dense gooey feel to them.

When I tasted the first bite, I was taken back by it’s lack of sweetness, compared to other brownies, yet the deepness of the chocolate brought me home.  As I continued with the second bite, I decided it’s the best brownie I have ever eaten.


Go HERE to find the glorious recipe for this magnificent brownie:

Oh, momma….


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    • says

      I took most of this batch to my 93-year-old friend who is grieving the passing of her son, but there are a few in the freezer, so all I can do at this point is agree with you.


      (i like my stuff straight from the freezer, but i hate when it gets rock hard. thankfully, they don’t freeze into a solid hard unwielding brick. they actually stay pliable.)

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