Texas Burns

I grew up in West Texas and I have never seen the entire state of Texas as dry as it is this year.  To say the lack of rainfall has been devastating is actually underplaying the situation.

As I stepped outside into the cool morning, I could smell the fires raging in Bastrop and Austin.  The air is thick with the familiar smell of a bonfire, except this time, it’s not the smell of a celebration, it’s the smell of utter destruction.

Each day brings new pictures of homes burned to ash, of miles and miles of decimated land, of heartache and horror for those living in the path of the fires.  It’s like the entire state is raging and all we can do is wait for the rage to exhaust itself.

Here’s a real-time video of just how fast the fires are moving:

Lord, have mercy.

Even worse is this pictorial: click HERE

For my readers who live in Texas, please consider contributing to the many food banks that have set-up an emergency collection for the folks put out of their homes throughout the state.  For my readers in other regions, please consider contributing the American Red Cross of Central Texas.

Be safe out there, mah babies.

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