Surprise! (UPDATED)


WINNER UPDATE: The winner is…..drum roll…..Jim Yanaway!

Congrats to Jim!!  Email me and I’ll send your confirmation # for your Rock and Roll entry!

Thanks to all for entering.  Check back again.  You never know when a little something is up for grabs.


I gots one more San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon and Half entry to giveaway.

This contest is open-ended and will close soon (nope, not telling you when…ADVENTURE!).

You’re allowed one (1) entry per person.  How do you get your name thrown in the giveaway pile?  Leave a comment and tell me how you originally found me.  That’s it!

Read you some Official Rulez HERE.

No giving away all your most personal Internet info!  No offering your first born!  No jumping through hoops!

Easiest giveaway evah!

Go on, now.

Git to commenting!


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