Mud Run, Core Sturfs and a Ridiculous Video!

The mud run in April is haunting me, mah babies.

Mud Run

Have I mentioned that I AM A GRANDMAMA?!  Aren’t I supposed to be knitting something in a rocking chair while eating applesauce instead of training for crawling under “barbed wire” and literally running through mud holes?!

Psshhh.  I am Grand Mudder, hear me ROAR (in pain from my pulled hammy, no doubt)!

I’ve decided that in order to survive I need to focus heavily on my core for this adventure, so I made a RV (ridic vid) about it (FOR YOU!):

You can find the exercises mentioned HERE and HERE.

4 weeks, 7 days.  Tick tock clock.  I’m planning on making that run my bitch, yo.

What about you guys?  How do you get ready for tough runs?  Work harder?  Smarter?  Cry in terror?


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  1. says

    The Carters are known for NO UPPER BODY STRENGTH! I could take you out with my legs, but otherwise….eep!

    I hope you are right, though. And to be completely honest, I’m looking forward to it. I’ll go around where necessary, then self-soothe with mah burger! And beer…

  2. Jay says

    if i trained for a real Tough Mudder I would probably get up to 6 miles and do a ton of upper body stuff. strong arms are important. but my husband did one and said it wasn’t that bad. there were a few obstacles that the girls in his group just couldn’t do, so they had to just go around.

  3. Jay says

    i am not training at all. haha. you will be amazed at how easy this will be. seriously. last time the “combat crawl” was performed on my hands and knees… really.

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