Mud Run, Core Sturfs and a Ridiculous Video!

The mud run in April is haunting me, mah babies.

Mud Run

Have I mentioned that I AM A GRANDMAMA?!  Aren’t I supposed to be knitting something in a rocking chair while eating applesauce instead of training for crawling under “barbed wire” and literally running through mud holes?!

Psshhh.  I am Grand Mudder, hear me ROAR (in pain from my pulled hammy, no doubt)!

I’ve decided that in order to survive I need to focus heavily on my core for this adventure, so I made a RV (ridic vid) about it (FOR YOU!):

You can find the exercises mentioned HERE and HERE.

4 weeks, 7 days.  Tick tock clock.  I’m planning on making that run my bitch, yo.

What about you guys?  How do you get ready for tough runs?  Work harder?  Smarter?  Cry in terror?



  1. says

    The Carters are known for NO UPPER BODY STRENGTH! I could take you out with my legs, but otherwise….eep!

    I hope you are right, though. And to be completely honest, I’m looking forward to it. I’ll go around where necessary, then self-soothe with mah burger! And beer…

  2. Jay says

    if i trained for a real Tough Mudder I would probably get up to 6 miles and do a ton of upper body stuff. strong arms are important. but my husband did one and said it wasn’t that bad. there were a few obstacles that the girls in his group just couldn’t do, so they had to just go around.

  3. Jay says

    i am not training at all. haha. you will be amazed at how easy this will be. seriously. last time the “combat crawl” was performed on my hands and knees… really.