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There are days when I submit my blogs to the paper and I wait for the editor to email me back aghast, AGHAST!, to inform me of rejection.  But weirdly, that hasn’t happened.  While I find my brand of humor entertaining, I do understand it’s not for everyone.  But, it appears my inappropriateness plays across the aisle.

I mean, even my titles lack decorum.


* My Garden Is Giving Me The Finger

* Baby Slut

* A Blue Ball Morality Tale

* Husband Was Right: Bigger IS Better!

It’s not like I sit around trying to think of titles that will push the editorial envelope, I don’t.  I write the article, reread it, let mah brain peculate for a moment, then BAM! the title comes to me.  Titles draw in readers.  Never underestimate the power of the title.

Yesterday, when I submitted this one: That’s What She Said, I held my breath.  Not so much for the title, but for content.  I mean, it’s full of sexy-time innuendo, people!

Naughtiness apparently is a draw.  And aren’t my editors lucky, cause I have it in spades!

Still, one day I fully expect to get shot down.  Then, maybe a lecture.  And, possibly a full on finger wag.  Again.  Yep, it has happened before.  The first time I got called was when I used the word “mofo” in the entry.  An editor called, a dude, and he wanted to know what mofo meant.


I laughed and he was all, “No, really.  What does it mean?”


After I delicately explained the origin of the popular slang, it was his turn to feel uncomfortable.  He told me it was probably best if I refrained from using it in the entry.


Still, the adage of write what you know has proven true for me.  I write what I know, then wait for The German to ask me her age-old question: Patti!  Have you no shame?!

One of my joys in life is giving you guys a laugh, or a LOL, or even a ROTFL, or the Holy Grail: SLOOYNL (shooting liquid out of your nose lol).  If I’ve done that, hell even if I get a quiet chuckle or the inkling of a smile, I’m satisfied.

If you’re reading these words, thank you for following along.  Much love and appreciation.  I ♥ You Guys!


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ONE MORE THANG: Shout-Out to Jay for making numbers magically appear by your comments.  Who wants to be first to try that bad boy out?  WHO?!



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