I Was Runnin’…

….no really, I WAS RUNNIN’!

The great experiment with heel cups for what we (Airrosti and me) believe to be my diagnosed injury of fat pad atrophy (bwhahahaha…me fat done atrophied!) was a success. Today, after three weeks of biking and no running, biking and whining, biking and wishing, I banked 4-miles out on the streets.  Albeit, a tentative, granny-paced, 4-miles.

As I write, I’m having an ongoing convo with my doc on the deets on how to proceed, but it looks like I’m getting the thumbs up to ease back into training.

WHOOP!  (come on you UT fans, you can give me this one…WHOOP!)

Those of you who run understand my angst of these last three weeks, I know you are rejoicing in my run today.  Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts (and sweet sweet advice).

Now, let’s see if this bad boy holds…


I was so happy after my 4-miler that I made a video.

CAVEAT: I’m wearing those nightmare producing flirty shorts!

Happy Running, Y’all!

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