I Was Runnin’

Stop begging, it’s so desperate

Here’s your weekly Ridiculous Video:

I talked to Jay yesterday and she suggested wearing capris, and some MANpris for Evan (who was surprised to learn that the race will attempt to cut us).  I don’t own a pair, nor compression shorts.

What say you?

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  1. Jay says

    the last time i did the warrior run i was glad i had something on my knees and thighs because when we crawled through mud and under stuff there were sticks and rocks and stuff. so while the MUD will not cut you…. the mud is an evil carrier for stuff that WILL. the warrior run was a little more intense than the one we are doing this weekend but the only “injury” that i took away from it was a big but painless bruise that i got from trying to lug my thighs over the barriers in the river crossing. i think one of the other guys i was with had a small scratch, but mike wore shorts and he was fine.



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