I Was Runnin’

3 short weeks until the Mud Run.  I pray the weather holds and that I stay upright.  Oh, and that the burger is as tasty as I’m imagining.  And the beer cold.  And the laughs loud.  I think that covers it.

If you want a look at the course, GO HERE.  ~faint~  Did ya shiver a little for us?

I’ve been so busy that about the only thing I’ve added to my workouts is more core work.  Other than that, I’m going on my good looks.  DAMN IT!

Here’s really what you’ve been waiting for….The Ridiculous Video of the Week!

Be safe out there, mah babies.

Happy Trails!


P.S. Hey teammates, what are you doing to get ready?  Tell us!





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  1. Michael says

    Patti- I was doing some research on compression socks and I found a solution for taking them off and putting them on. Don’t ask me about the name, but it seems like it works. There is also a good scientific article on compression socks. I think I’m going to buy a pair. The article says they help with recovery. I need all the help I can get!

    • says

      For me, I’ve upped my core work. I worry about my back, so I go where I’m weak. At this point we have three weeks, almost 4, so you have time to increase strength in your problem areas.


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