I Was Runnin’…with Video!

I’m writing this post Monday evening to hit first thing Tuesday morning….just in case FB is born and I have to bug out without the time to give you a delicious update.  No, ma’am/sir!  I’m prepared!

Writing that I’m prepared makes me think of Boy Scouts, which then makes me think of Girl Scouts, which then brings me to Thin Mints.


See? Delicious.

Alrighty, mah babies.  This week’s Ridiculous Video was filmed in HD.  DO NOT BE AFRAID.  It’s kinda what I normally look like. Well, exactly what I look like right after a run.

I will preface by saying I haven’t slept like a normal person nin over two weeks and as Husband and Boy will attest, I is a stoopid creature when sleep-deprived.

Enjoy…or cringe (i need to adjust the sound stuff….sorry). I also put a link under the video for the socks I actually wear, if you’re interested in that sort of thang. STALKER!

Happy Running, everyone!



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