Go For a Run, Roll An Ankle

It has been two weeks since I’ve been out for a run, people.  TWO WEEKS!  (I see you running peeps feeling my pain)

Well, now feel this: I wasn’t out more than 5 minutes when I rolled my ankle…all the way on its side.


Luckily, I think I’m gonna be OK.  I kept running, cause I’m that stubborn runner.  ~eye-roll~ When I finished, there really was no pain, but as we all know, it may come later.

I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time I was out there (with a brief frowny face at the rolling).  I needed that run more than I even knew.  So glad I got it.

As is my habit, I made a ridiculous vid for you.  No, no.  You’re very welcome.  Come on now.  I’m a giver.

Have a looksy:

I also updated at the paper’s site and have posted a link to a run that’s coming in the spring.  Some of us are thinking seriously about teaming up, with me being the granny (by that time, literally!) of the group.

Go look HERE and see if it’s something you’d consider.

Happy running, y’all!

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  1. says

    I really had to laugh at the end. I know it’s relative, but here I was thinking it was such a lovely, balmy day the other day and it was in the 50°s. If I ran, I would prefer 50° to 100° any day. Below 50° and I’m totally with you. (Although I’m going out to walk now when it’s 36° because there is sunshine out there!)

    • says

      36°?! ~faint~

      I am so cold -natured that I literally will shiver when it’s in the 60s. It’s also hard for me to warm back up because my typical temp is about 2 degrees lowered than normal. WEIRDO!

      Give me the heat! And have fun on that brrrrr walk!

  2. Wendy says

    So a running question…I got knocked down by the flu and have not run in about 2 weeks. How is the best way to get back to it, now that I am starting to feel like a human again? I am guessing slow, and work my way back up?

    • says

      After a major illness like the flu, you need to be very careful and not overdo. No wanty a relapse. I personally would half whatever mileage I was used to doing (if you were running 4, now run 2). Do this for a couple of runs. Then if you feel up to it add another mile the next run. It shouldn’t take you two weeks to get back to fighting form. Although if you have the cough Husband does…eep!


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