Glide on Down the Road

I’m a runner.  Been running since I was 10.  That’s years of chafing, mah babies.

Momma no likey chafing.  All that redness and soreness and whining, oh the whining.

Enter my likey like of the week: Glide

~dork alert~

Patti Truth Nugget #12: I find myself highly amusing.

I hope you do to.


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  1. Vicki says

    Did you tell rungarryrun that he could shed the battle armor now 😉 Thanks for the likey like…..and those vaseline tongue depressers gross me out too…..

    • says

      HA! Get out of that armor!

      When I’m running and the volunteers are wavin’ those tongue depressors filled with goop, I get in the middle of the road: GAAAA!

      So skeevy.


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